Fax Services

FAX NUMBER (563) 323-5825

Fax Services: Whether you need to send a fax or receive one, our public Fax Service is at your disposal.

Outgoing Fax Service: Your documents can be sent quickly to any other Fax machine. Just bring your documents and the fax number of your recipient to The Printing Store. After your fax is sent, you will receive a confirmation receipt. This service is available only during business hours.

Incoming Fax Service: If you need to receive a fax, but don’t have a fax machine, give the sender our Fax number 563-323-5825. This incoming Fax Service is available 24 hours per day. The Printing Store will hold your fax until you come in to pick it up.

Outgoing fax: $1.00 per page (within the U.S.*)
Incoming fax: 15c per page

*Additional cost to send a fax outside of the U.S.

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